The LEGO Group partners with three LGBTQIA+ NGOs for queer inclusion

In honour of Pride Month, the LEGO Group has partnered up with three LGBTQIA+ organisations to show their ongoing support for the queer community.

The NGOs in question are Stonewall, Workplace Pride, and Open for Business. Together, the international organisations foster workplace equality for LGBTQIA+ people around the world, with Stonewall bridging the gap between societal and workplace issues, Open for Business providing expert research on economic and societal LGBTQIA+ difficulties, and Workplace Pride offering best practices for queer inclusion in the workplace.

“These partners support and complement each other and help us tackle LGBTQIA+ inclusion at all levels,” says Cecilia Weckstrom, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the LEGO Group in a press release. “Working with all three means, we benefit from their comprehensive expertise and understand the many nuances at local, regional and global levels in this space.”

The LEGO Group hopes that their efforts will attract more diverse talent to join the company, which in turn will enable the company to build and create projects that appeal to all builders. It’s also important that current LEGO Group employees feel like they can be themselves at work.

Cristina Liquori

“It’s so meaningful for someone like me who identifies as queer to see the company openly support LGBTQIA+ colleagues and the community in general,” says Cristina Liquori, Head of US Marketing. “I love that we embrace this to show that we value diversity. I’m positive it will help us attract diverse talent that represents all our fans.”

This comes just after the release of 40516 Everyone Is Awesome, the LEGO Group’s first LGBTQIA+ set. The build has already proved popular enough to warrant a potential second release in 2022. You can find out more about the company’s queer inclusion efforts here.

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