The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks author finishes interview process

The author of The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks has revealed how many interviews took place for the project and how much longer the book may take to release.

The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks is the first official title targeted towards adult fans that aims to showcase the history of the company, by highlighting the bricks that make the iconic sets and explore how they’ve evolved over the years. 

Daniel Konstanski has provided an update on the upcoming book to LEGO Ideas, detailing the extent of the interview process and teasing the depth of the stories that the 46 total interviewees revealed to him. 

The process began four months ago and since then, Daniel has been diligently interviewing one person to the next, with some even leading him to other people to question. The update mentions that the LEGO Group helped locate the requested individuals and thanks to the help, Daniel has been able to speak to every requested interviewee. 

If you’re a backer, then this will come as good news, as with the end of the research comes the beginning of writing the text that will form The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks. Daniel mentions at the end of the update that the next part of the process will take even more time so it seems likely that the book is still some time away from completion, at least more than the four months it has been so far.

We’ll keep you updated on the process of The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks, with the title still available to buy in advance on Unbound. Some backers will even be receiving a prototype LEGO brick.

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