This LEGO gaming mouse won’t brick your PC

A functional gaming mouse has been made almost entirely from LEGO, with scrolling, clicking and all the other functions you’d expect from a normal mouse.

A LEGO fan has customised their PC setup with a LEGO gaming mouse featuring all the normal functions of a mouse, but retrofitted with a LEGO touch.

Straving-Dingus is the creator behind this build and uploaded a video of the mouse functioning to Reddit, while explaining more into the project in the comments.

In the comments, it is explained that a circuit board was taken from an old mouse and fitted into the LEGO shell. The circuit board features some RGB lighting to add some flair to the model. However, the most interesting part of this creation is the working scroll wheel made from a LEGO tyre.

Two plates on either side of the wheel click down while other smooth tiles make for a somewhat more comfortable handling experience than it would likely be with LEGO brick studs.

In the past Straving-Dingus has worked on an RC LEGO tank and automatic coin sorter making them no stranger to the world of functioning LEGO creations. However, this build will no doubt add a unique twist to their internet browsing.

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