First look at LEGO CITY 60306 Shopping Street

LEGO CITY fans can indulge in some retail therapy as they catch a first look at the upcoming 2021 set, 60306 Shopping street.

Going to the shops may feel a little different at the moment, if possible at all, but not to worry as the new LEGO CITY 60306 Shopping Street offers a lively shopping scene and has been found and reviewed early.

YouTuber just2good has reviewed the 2021 CITY set which features 533 pieces and three of the new road plate bricks that form the new road layout system. The review gives us a good idea of what to expect when the set releases at the start of next year

Just2good points out a few interesting aspects of the set in the review, noting a new minifigure face print with a childish smile among some freckled cheeks. Then, moving onto the model he highlights the new road pieces including a crossing, minifigure-styled road sign and yellow speed bumps to keep the street safe.

The interior of the two included shops is also shown with the pastry shop featuring some basic storage and a till on the inside. A takeaway window, bike rack and eating area make up the outside. The sports shop features a rotating bike display, helmet rack and a mountain facade. On the street are some new LEGO bike lanes with printed pieces.

One of the more interesting aspects of this model is the new colours for the LEGO bike pieces. Both the mountain and road bike are in new colours for this set with blue and magenta respectively. The glow-in-the-dark street lights are then demonstrated, giving off a light glowing effect that might look good in larger numbers.

LEGO CITY 60306 Shopping Street will launch January 1 2021 for £59.99 /
$79.99 / €69.99 among many other LEGO CITY sets

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