LEGO Thor: Love and Thunder minifigures compared to movie appearances

The first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder gave us a closer look at the returning Marvel characters, many of which are getting new minifigures soon.

Between the two LEGO Marvel Thor: Love and Thunder sets, the film is getting five exclusive minifigures based on outfits in the film. All but one of the characters that inspired these minifigures were featured in the trailer, meaning we can start to compare the minifigures to the movie.


Thor is depicted in a few outfits in the trailer including some as part of a nostalgic sequence such as his classic comics costume. However, what appears to be the main suit for Thor: Love and Thunder is a new armour in gold and blue with a red cape. To this end, the new minifigure is a close match, though we don’t get a good look at the bottom half of the outfit.


Korg’s third minifigure features the rocky character in an outfit with a fur collar and colourful leggings with armour embedded within them. The new trailer has given us a closer look at the source material for the minifigure, demonstrating what details made it into the design. Notably, the bracers that Korg wears are missing in the minifigure, though could have been represented using dual-moulded or printed arms.

King Valkyrie

While we do see Valkyrie in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer in her new role as King of New Asgard, it appears that she might not equip the armour that is seen on her minifigure until later in the movie, as she is only seen wearing a suit and tie, likely more fitting for her royal duties with ambassadors from other regions of Earth.

Mighty Thor

Right at the end of the new trailer, Jane Foster as Mighty Thor is pictured for the first time. We got an early look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of this character in the minifigure, wielding Mjölnir with a helmet that allows her hair to hang down past her shoulders. The minifigure closely matches what we see in the trailer, including the engraving on the helmet.

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