WATCH: LEGO The Office is missing a couple of minifigures

LEGO Ideas 21336 The Office includes 15 minifigures, but even that’s not enough to cover the full cast of the sitcom as a pair has been omitted.

The latest LEGO sitcom set is 21336 The Office, including the most minifigures for a LEGO Ideas set yet and featuring many members of the cast, though not everyone is included.

You can watch our latest YouTube short to learn more about the minifigures missing in 21336 The Office, or you can read our written version by clicking here.

Andy and Erin were included in Jaijai Lewis’s original LEGO Ideas project, though are not present in the final set. Despite that, 15 minifigures is an undoubtedly high total compared to most other models and it could be considered lucky that more weren’t excluded during the development of 21336 The Office.

You can also watch this short on TikTok through the embedded video below:


LEGO The Office is missing two minifigures

? original sound – brickfanatics

Other than these missing minifigures, the similarities between the original fan design and 21336 The Office are minimal, mostly including a rearranged wall and a removable room.

Of course, there’s lots of content from the sitcom missing in 21336 The Office that an expansion model could include, though currently nothing beyond the official build launching on October 1, 2022, has been confirmed.

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