40565 Santa’s Workshop GWP runs out of stock on LEGO.com

Time is up to grab the second half of the LEGO Christmas GWPs for 2022 as 40565 Santa’s Workshop is out of stock, but not in every region.

While double VIP points are available for one more day, at the time of writing, some of the official online store’s free gifts have been running out of stock recently. Now that list is joined by 40565 Santa’s Workshop in the UK and Europe, a free model that connects to 40564 Winter Elves Scene available over Black Friday and the LEGO VIP Weekend

The GWP is no longer listed on the offers page on LEGO.com in the UK and Europe, signalling its unavailability. However, it isn’t on the US page either, but a quick test reveals that the gift is still available in the region. 

This may be a sign that stock of 40565 Santa’s Workshop is running short in the US and with double VIP points ending soon, you may be wise to place any orders you have in mind sooner rather than later. 


Here’s a look at every deal currently available, and in what region, not including double VIP points: 

LEGO gift-with-purchase  Required spend Available regions Availability period  
40565 Santa’s Workshop  $150 US December 1 to 24  
40512 Fun and Funky VIP Add-on Pack  £50 / $50 / €50  UK / US / Europe November 29 to December 31  
30584 Winter Holiday Train  £40 / €40  UK / US / Europe December 1 to 24  
5007622 Fleece Blanket  £200 / $200 UK / US December 1 to 31 

Double VIP points are now available across the board at LEGO.com. Head over using one of our affiliate links to earn twice as many points on every purchase through December 13. 

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