60121 Volcano Exploration Truck Review

Two minifigures are riding into a volcanic area in the Volcano Exploration Truck – Brick Fanatics looks at just how sturdy their ride is

Price: £14.99/$24.99/€19.99 Pieces: 175 Available: Now

The action subtheme for LEGO CITY in 2016 is Volcano Explorers, depicting the treacherous work of geologists and miners. 60121 Volcano Exploration Truck is on the smaller side of the range, providing an entry point set with two minifigures.

This is a straightforward build, starting from a solid base. It’s quick and enjoyable to put together, adding the four hefty wheels at the end brings a smile of satisfaction. These chunky wheels are clearly chosen for kid appeal, and they do awaken a certain childish glee.

The garish lime green colour scheme on a truck will be off-putting to many fans – and even if that is accepted as the designated colour of volcanic exploration, who is setting up such a thing in their table top town? Of course, this isn’t supposed to have AFOL-appeal. It may still yet though, as although the lime green isn’t great for a truck it’s nice to get a mix of parts in the colour, that may be useful elsewhere.

The drill at the back works as a feature, the boulder fits on the back of the truck and different minifigure accessories are stored around the vehicle. The two minifigures have a more muted colour scheme than the truck, which looks good but makes for an odd match.

This is a fun vehicle at the price point for play purposes, but is not as satisfying as the more domesticated vehicles available elsewhere in the CITY range.

60121 Volcano Exploration Truck is available to buy at the LEGO Shop online.

This product has been provided by the LEGO Group.



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