Oh no: another LEGO 2022 set has a strange design flaw

A strange design flaw has been spotted in the upcoming LEGO Marvel 2022 set 76205 Gargantos Showdown.

Brickset received an early copy of the 264-piece Doctor Strange set to review ahead of its release next month, and has now highlighted a flaw in the build process. The assembly of Gargantos’s lower eyelid involves attaching two ball joint pieces to a 1×6 mudguard element, but positioning them correctly is impossible thanks to the base piece’s arch.

The subsequent plates that hold the pieces in place are therefore also unable to sit flush with the rest of the model, and while it apparently doesn’t prevent completing 76205 Gargantos Showdown, it does require forcing the entire sub-assembly together with a little more effort than you’d usually expect from a LEGO set.

You can see a demonstration of the issue using pieces in other colours in the images from Brickset below, along with scans of the instruction booklet. 

LEGO Super Heroes Design Lead Jesper Nielsen has already responded to the issue, telling Brickset: “We’re happy you made us aware of this and we’re looking into it.”

This isn’t the only problem that’s blighted recent sets: another design flaw in 75313 AT-AT arose earlier this month, suggesting it’s difficult to take apart specific parts of the set once constructed. The LEGO Group has since responded to those reports with a statement and video, claiming that it is indeed possible.

Elsewhere, the three planned LEGO Marvel mechs have also been postponed indefinitely over a stability issue – which may or may not be referring to the assembly of the hip joints – while this year’s second Christmas gift-with-purchase was also cancelled for not meeting ‘quality standards’.

It all adds up to a tumultuous end to 2021 and start to 2022 for the LEGO Group, although dozens of potentially-problem-free sets are still slated to arrive on January 1.

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