Beat the price rises with last-minute LEGO deals

The LEGO Group has introduced a sweeping array of price rises today – but you can beat them if you’re quick with some last-minute LEGO deals. 

Zavvi has been running a 13th birthday sale recently, which we’d expected to have ended by now. However, the sale is still live, and contains a raft of exciting deals that are likely to be very time limited while the retailer adjusts its pricing in line with today’s price increases. You can see a selection of the best offers in the table below, or click here to visit the sale. If a link is no longer working, it means Zavvi has now changed the pricing on that set.

LEGO themeLEGO setRRPSale priceSavingDiscount
ICONS10292 The Friends Apartments£159.99£109.99£50.0031%
ICONS10302 Optimus Prime£159.99£124.99£35.0022%
Technic42126 Ford F-150 Raptor£124.99£69.99£55.0044%
Technic42141 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car£169.99£129.99£40.0024%
Technic42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3£389.99£299.99£90.0023%
Super Mario71387 Adventures with Luigi Starter Course£54.99£22.99£32.0058%
Star Wars75323 The Justifier£149.99£119.99£30.0020%
Star Wars75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe£89.99£77.99£12.0013%
Harry Potter76389 Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets£129.99£104.99£25.0019%
Jurassic World76949 Giganotosaurus & Therizinosaurus Attack£119.99£97.99£22.0018%

Click here to browse the full Zavvi LEGO sale before prices go up.

As you can see, one of the most enticing deals is on 10292 The Friends Apartments, which is discounted by 31% on the new RRP at The Zavvi sale price of £109.99 is a saving of £50. There’s an even bigger £90 saving on 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3, which is available at 23% off the new RRP, while there’s 22% off 10302 Optimus Prime


Meanwhile, Argos is also yet to increase its prices following the announcement of today’s new RRPs. Again, these offers are unlikely to be around for very long at all. We’ve put some of the best deals into the table, while you can shop the full sale here

ThemeLEGO setRRPSale priceSavingDiscount
Harry Potter76403 The Ministry of Magic£89.99£72.00£17.9920%
DC76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-off£59.99£45.00£14.9925%
Technic42130 BMW M 1000 RR£214.99£144.00£70.9933%
Technic42127 The Batman – Batmobile£89.99£72.00£17.9920%
Friends41714 Andrea’s Theatre School£89.99£72.00£17.9920%
Friends41703 Friendship Tree House£69.99£56.00£13.9920%

Click here to browse the full Argos LEGO sale before prices go up.

42130 BMW M 1000 RR is leading the way with a massive saving of over £70 on the new RRP, which is a discount of 33%. The 25% saving you can make on 76183 Batcave: The Riddler Face-off is also tempting, while 41703 Friendship Tree House is available with 20% off despite being out of stock at 

Don’t hang around to make your choices out of these sales, as they’re highly unlikely to be around for very long at all. When you do, thank you for supporting Brick Fanatics by making your purchases via our affiliate links

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