Behind the scenes of the LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin animation

LEGO Ideas 21338 A-Frame Cabin’s two-hour animation has been explored in a new behind-the-scenes feature from the LEGO Group. 

The LEGO Group is no stranger to stop-motion animations though it’s rare that one lasts over an hour, as it does for the recent forest camera footage of 21338 A-Frame Cabin. On the official online store, Jon Rolph has been revealed as the animator behind this lengthy video and a look behind the camera has been shared. 

The feature is filled with tips for stop-motion animation and pictures that reveal exactly how the video was shot, including that LEGO trees were placed directly at either side of the lens, slightly in view, for the blurry outline of the elements on camera one. 

“It can be an easy mistake when you’re filming with LEGO bricks to end up with a higher angle because they’re small,” shares Jon.


“But if you bring the camera down to the minifigures, you can make them look less toy-like and more like people. That way, you can engage more with an audience if you’re bringing the camera into the minifigures’ world, rather than looking down on their world.” 

Watch the full animation by clicking here or see how 21338 A-Frame cabin compares to the original project in our previous report

You can pick up 21338 A-Frame Cabin from February 1, 2023, as long as you are a VIP member or it releases widely on February 4 for £159.99 / $179.99 / €179.99.  

Featured image: The LEGO Group via Bea van Grutten

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