The best LEGO Christmas gifts for… the ultimate LEGO display

If you’re looking to pick up some of the most impressive LEGO models this Christmas, here are five of the best display builds currently available.

When it comes to constructing epic LEGO sets, there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a massive model and then putting it on display for all to see. Watch as visitors gasp in awe at the size of your sets, see their amazement as they look over the intricate details and smile smugly as they’re left slack-jawed by how much you paid for it.

With that in mind, here are five must-have Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to be the centrepieces of any builder’s LEGO display:

5 – 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle

Theme: Icons Price: £344.99 / $399.99 / €399.99 Pieces: 4,514 Available: Now

10305 Front 01

The perfect set to be launched to celebrate the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary in 2022, 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle takes a classic theme and reimagines it with a modern makeover. The 4,514-piece build delivers a seriously-impressive display model, filled with numerous details, hidden surprises and nods to older sets.

In addition, 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle also comes with a whopping 22 minifigures, many of whom will be familiar to fans of a certain age. The model measures 38cm high, 44cm wide and 33cm when closed, but can be opened up into a multi-level medieval masterpiece.

4 – 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens

Theme: NINJAGO Price: £299.99 / $349.99 / €349.99 Pieces: 5,686 Available: Now

71741 1

Although not as pricey as other sets in this list, the five-tiered 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens still manages to make the most of its 5,686 pieces, delivering a truly impress structure that’s packed with detail and character. Locations to be found in the set range from the NINJAGO Museum of History and Chen’s Noodle House to The Ninja Zone and Ice Cream Shop.

Minifigure fans are also well-catered for, with 19 unique fan-favourite characters included with the model, such as Young Lloyd, Kai, Zane, Wu Legacy and Misako. 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens was released in 2021 to celebrate the theme’s then 10th anniversary.

3 – 75313 AT-AT

Theme: Star Wars Price: £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 Pieces: 6,785 Available: Now

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT AT 8

Released on LEGO Black Friday last year, this beast of a UCS build is actually bigger than a small dog. Clocking in at 6,785 pieces, with a suitably eye-watering price to match, the fully-posable Walker measures 62cm tall, 69cm in length and 24cm long and boasts cannons with recoil action, a bomb-drop hatch, accessible cockpit and more.

Opening up the AT-AT’s side panels reveals a detailed interior, with space to fit up to 40 minifigures, four speeder bikes and the included E-Web heavy repeating blaster. This monster-sized set is truly the stuff of every LEGO Star Wars fan’s dreams.

2 – 75192 Millennium Falcon

Theme: Star Wars Price: £734.99 / $849.99 / €849.99 Pieces: 7,541 Available: Now

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon box art no background featured

Not only the ultimate version of the iconic fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but also the largest LEGO Star Wars set released to date. Boasting 7,541 pieces, this UCS model is the most accurately scaled version of the Corellian freighter we’ve seen so far, packed with numerous features and functionality.

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon

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75192 Millennium Falcon”

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In addition, 75192 Millennium Falcon also includes minifigures of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C-3PO, Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn, plus BB-8, two buildable Porgs and a Mynock. Impressive. Most impressive.

1 – 10294 Titanic

Theme: Icons Price: £589.99 / $679.99 / €679.99 Pieces: 9,090 Available: Now

LEGO for Adults 10294 Titanic 15

Until the launch of 10307 Eiffel Tower on Black Friday 2022, this colossal Icons set was the largest LEGO model ever to be released. Clocking in at a mighty 9,090 pieces, 10294 Titanic sailed into the history books when it arrived last year and has been in and out of stock online and in-stores ever since.

An epic vessel deserves a suitably epic LEGO build and that’s exactly what’s included in the massive box. At over 133cm in length, you’ll definitely need to clear some serious space to show off this incredible scaled replica of the ill-fated vessel.

The five models on this page are currently in stock at in all regions at the time of this writing. With Christmas less than a month away, you might want to spend your hard-earned money on these sets whilst they’re still available, guaranteeing that your LEGO display will be the envy of many.

ThemeLEGO SetPricePieces
Icons10305 Lion Knights’ Castle£344.99 / $399.99 / €399.994,514
NINJAGO71741 NINJAGO City Gardens£299.99 / $349.99 / €349.99 5,686
Star Wars75313 AT-AT£734.99 / $849.99 / €849.996,785
Star Wars75192 Millennium Falcon£734.99 / $849.99 / €849.997,541
Icons10294 Titanic£589.99 / $679.99 / €679.999,090

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