Brand new LEGO Star Wars set to be revealed later today

At least one new LEGO Star Wars set will be revealed later today, as the LEGO Group hosts its first-ever livestreamed LEGO CON event.

The initial schedule for the virtual convention tantalisingly promises ‘a new set reveal’ for the LEGO Star Wars theme, but gives no firmer hints to what the identity of that product could be. Still, based on rumours and accidentally-published catalogue images, we can at least make some educated guesses around what to expect.

For instance: it could be one of the three sets based on The Mandalorian that we’re yet to see official images of – at least beyond a Japanese consumer catalogue – although it seems more logical to reveal all three rather than just selecting one, particularly given they’re all rumoured to be launching at the same time on August 1.

It may be that the LEGO CON schedule is simply inaccurate, and we will see multiple set reveals after all. But if it’s just the one set, actually, there’s probably also a good chance that it could be the long-awaited Ultimate Collector Series Republic Gunship, which topped a fan poll in February 2020.

Star Wars Republic Gunship featured

We already know the first prequel trilogy UCS set since 2010 is launching later this year, with the latest update from the LEGO Star Wars design team suggesting more news will come later this summer. LEGO CON just so happens to be later this summer than that interview was conducted and published, so it’s as good a guess as any.

Otherwise, there are still a couple of rumoured sets we’re yet to cast our eyes on properly, including 75319, which was recently confirmed to be based on the Beskar forge from The Mandalorian (by dint of its minifigures). That feels like an outside chance bearing in mind the other three technically-unrevealed Mando sets, but you never know.

Finally, the LEGO Group may decide to just flip the script entirely and show us something completely new and overlooked by the rumour mill. Or it could be this year’s Advent Calendar, but not even the LEGO Group could pull off that anti-climax.

Whatever happens, you can follow along with Brick Fanatics in our liveblog, which will kick off at 4.30pm UK time (or 8.30am PT / 11.30am ET) tonight.

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