Chatting with the LEGO Group’s marketing integration expert

Her job title might sound unfamiliar, but LEGO Market Integration Manager Alyssa Harrington is responsible for finding ways to utilise the fans when marketing he LEGO brand.

In a video from Beyond the Brick, Joshua Hanlon hosts a wide-ranging three hour roundtable conversation with LEGO Market Integration Manager Alyssa Harrington and several other YouTube enthusiasts. They discuss large LEGO events, using fans to market the LEGO Group and the challenges of events during the coronavirus pandemic.

While Alyssa is integral in planning the LEGO Group’s presence at conventions, she isn’t able to attend them all or see everything – but the AFOL Engagement Team does its best.

“I am sure you’d like to see everything that is on display at LEGO shows and comic cons and events like this [Star Wars Celebration],” says Joshua.

“The AFOL Engagement Team is always trying to hit up all of the AFOL networking events, you might have seen me walking around Brick Fair, so I usually am the one that’s like, ‘hey what are you building over here?’ I am usually the one asking you a ton of questions about your build.”

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