Classic Friends clips recreated in a LEGO brickfilm

With the LEGO Ideas set based on the classic 1990s sitcom Friends expected to be announced soon, it is the perfect time to enjoy this compialtion of clips recreated with minifigures.

Yesterday, the LEGO Group teased the imminent announcement of the Friends Central Perk café set that will be part of the LEGO Ideas theme. Aymeric “Mric76” Fievet came up with the product idea that recreates the interior of Central Perk, the coffee shop where the characters regularly meet and hang out.

@saluken tweeted Brick Fanatics to share this excellent brickfilm that compiles a series of snippets from Friends featuring Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey, that was created by bookshelfproductions. It is a nice little watch for fans who are keen to build their excitement levels ready for an announcement of the new official set, with many memorable moments from the long-running television series featured in the animated video.

21318 Treehouse (review) is the most recent set to be released in the LEGO Ideas theme, that takes models built by LEGO fans and refines them for release as official products.

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