DC Studios’ ambitious 10-year plan opens the door for multiple LEGO sets

The potential for multiple new LEGO DC sets might have just increased, thanks to the reveal of the studio’s ambitious 10-year game plan.

New DC Studios boss, James Gunn, took to social media yesterday to reveal just what the company has planned for its slate of multimedia projects over the coming years. The ambitious 10-year plan looks set to transform the ailing DC Universe with a range of projects and characters that are as surprising and varied as they are logical and highly-anticipated.

Billed as ‘Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters,’ the first phase, in what would initially appear similar to rival Marvel Studios’ approach, is set to cover a period of roughly 10 years and include live-action, animation and video game releases. DC Studios formed a writers room to find an overall story for the unified DC multiverse, so that all participants will be on the same page going forward.

DC Studios Creature Commandos
Image: DC

The line-up of TV shows for the decade to come currently includes Creature Commandos, a seven-episode animated series, Waller, a spin-off from Gunn’s own Peacemaker, Lanterns, a True Detective-style show set on Earth that focuses on the Green Lantern Corps, Paradise Lost, an HBO Max series set on the Amazon island of Themyscira, and Booster Gold, another HBO Max show, with the series featuring a time-travelling wannabe superhero from the future.

In terms of DC Studios’ film slate, fans can expect to look out for the James Gunn-penned, Superman: Legacy, The Authority, based on the ultra-violent Wildstorm comic of the same name, The Brave and the Bold, featuring a new version of Batman and the introduction of his son, Damian Wayne, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, taking its cues from the Tom King comic book, and Swamp Thing, a horror film to end the Chapter 1 phase.

With so many potentially amazing DC Studios properties lined up for the decade ahead, fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that the quality matches the quantity. For the LEGO Group, there’s a fantastic opportunity to get behind the studio’s revised vision for what it can do with its characters and offer a range of LEGO DC sets and minifigures that truly reflect the breadth and depth of the new comic book multiverse.

Whilst existing film projects such as Shazam! Fury of the Gods, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom were already in motion before Gunn’s arrival, they will still be released as planned and there are a handful of rumoured LEGO DC sets that might be accompanying them. Likewise, it’s been reported today that multiple LEGO Batman sets could arrive this summer, but it seems like folly just to rely on The Dark Knight to save the theme. There’s been no confirmation from the LEGO Group regarding those rumours, so do take such information with a pinch of salt for now.

We’re sincerely hoping that this new chapter in DC Studios’ history will also be a turning point for how the LEGO DC theme progresses from this point forward, with an embarrassment of riches to choose from opening the door to many potential future product releases to come.

Images: DC

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