Every new LEGO set available from April 1, 2022

From Marvel mechs to a time-travelling DeLorean, here’s a complete round-up of every single new LEGO set available from April 1, 2022.

It’s a comparatively quiet first day of the month for new LEGO sets – at least next to the madness that was March 1 – but that should at least give your bank account a little room to recover. Only a little, though, because there are still a handful of sets very much worth your time, attention and LEGO budget today, and a bunch more launching later in the month.

There are also at least two gifts-with-purchase on the table to maximise those purchases: 30583 Easter Bunny is free with a £40 / $40 / €40 spend, while 40527 Easter Chicks is free with a £65 / $65 / €65 spend, and yes, they stack. The LEGO Group no longer publishes store calendars, so it’s tough to know whether more freebies will be available as the month kicks off, but keep an eye on Brick Fanatics for the latest.

For now, dive into all the new sets available today below, and look out for plenty more as April rolls on.

LEGO for Adults / Creator Expert

LEGO For Adults 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine 2

Top of your list this month should be 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine, a hugely impressive 3-in-1 set that covers each and every instalment of the Back to the Future trilogy. Its pair of minifigures are specifically inspired by Part II, meanwhile, offering something decidedly different from LEGO Ideas’ much-maligned 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine.

10300 Back to the Future Time Machine | review

Brick Sketches

LEGO Brick Sketches 40535 Iron Man comparison featured

Two new bite-sized Marvel artworks are here to prove there’s still life in the Brick Sketches theme yet, each retailing at the line’s revised price point of £14.99 / $16.99 / €16.99 apiece. Iron Man is the first of the sketches to be inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Miles Morales takes the focus off Peter Parker for a change.

40535 Iron Man
40536 Miles Morales


LEGO Marvel 76202 Wolverine Mech Armour lifestyle 1 featured

The LEGO Group’s love-in with Marvel mechs is showing no signs of slowing down, with a slew of five new mechanised suits landing on shelves this month. Three of those were originally intended to debut in January, but were delayed over stability issues that have apparently now been remedied. There’s also an Infinity Saga-inspired blister pack, making this a solid month for Marvel minifigure collectors.

40525 Endgame Battle
76202 Wolverine Mech Armor
76203 Iron Man Mech Armor
76204 Black Panther Mech Armor
76219 Spider-Man & Green Goblin Mech Battle

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