Exclusive LEGO Star Wars Space Slug set instructions

One of the more interesting yet secretive parts of this years May the 4th celebrations was the exclusive LEGO Space Slug set.  For AFOLS who are part of a LUG got the opportunity to attend event. All LEGO Brand Retail Stores in both Europe & North America offered an exclusive early-access, private shopping opportunity to RLUG members on Saturday April 30th.  The VIP team created an exclusive LEGO Star Wars product just for this event! Only 28 copies of this product was  allocated per store.

The exclusive set: Escape the Space Slug  was given away with a £100/€125/$150 LEGO Star Wars purchase (only available during the event, only 3,500 created globally)
The good news is though while its going to expensive to get this on the second hand market, the set is made of common elements and you could Bricklink the set as thanks to Michiel at bouwsteentjes.info has posted scans of the instructions.
Thanks to Brickset on news of the instructions

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