There’s familiar flora in the LEGO Botanical Collection 2023 sets

A familiar flower appears in both of the upcoming LEGO Botanical Collection 2023 sets, but with a different design in each build. 

10313 Wildflower Bouquet and 10314 Dried Flower Centrepiece are available for pre-order on the official online store now. While the two models have different colour schemes and designs for their included flowers, there’s a familiar assembly between the two. 

Two larger gerbera are included in 10313 Wildflower Bouquet with paddles coloured fuchsia and yellow. Another appears as one of the focal builds in 10313 Fried Flower Centrepiece featuring a muted array of autumnal colours, as it has been dried out. 

The reason for reusing the gerbera build between these new LEGO Botanical Collection sets may be to showcase another appearance of the colourful flower, or suggest a narrative with one of the flowers in 10313 Wildflower Bouquet repurposed for 10314 Dried Flower Centrepiece. 


It’s a notable link between the two upcoming sets and they both launch on February 1, 2023. They should pair well with previous entries in the LEGO Botanical Collection, including the recent and affordable 40646 Daffodils. You could even combine the bouquet creations into a larger flower arrangement. 

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