Five of the best bunnies in LEGO history

As Easter draws to a close, we’ve highlighted five brilliant bunnies from LEGO past and present.

The LEGO Group has gone all-in on promotional Easter items during the last few years, giving us some impeccably-rendered rabbits along the way. We’ve also seen several rabbits outside the context of Easter, giving LEGO lapin-lovers plenty to enjoy.

Of course, if you’re relatively new to the LEGO scene, it’s likely you’ve missed out on some of these rabbits over the years. But don’t get hopping mad: we’ve got some great rabbits to share with you today.

5 – 3627 Bonnie Bunny

The Fabuland theme ran between the late 70s and late 80s, giving us plenty of LEGO animal friends to play with. Bonnie Bunny earned several LEGO appearances, but this 1983 set – which includes a car full of flowers – is particularly suitable for the springtime.


While Fabuland has long since retired, references to the theme can occasionally be found in LEGO sets. You can find Elton Elephant in 11021 90 Years of Play, an upcoming release for the LEGO Group’s 90th anniversary.

4 – 1263 Easter Bunny

An early seasonal release, 1263 Easter Bunny hopped up in 2000. It’s a classic example of this era’s building techniques, with primary colours, angular designs and cutesy prints on full display.

However, it’s also a hint at the limitations of this era. Despite being an Easter set, this bunny is lacking any eggs. Perhaps he’s already hidden them for us to find; in any case, it’d be a while before we unearthed them in an official LEGO model.

3 – 71018 Veterinarian

The Collectible Minifigures give us plenty of colourful characters to play with, but they also regularly come with pre-moulded animals to enjoy. The Veterinarian was released in 2017, and included an adorable minifigure-scale rabbit to play with. Fortunately, the rabbit has appeared in other sets: one can be found in 10264 Corner Garage, a Modular Building release for 2019.

2 – Lola Bunny

Bunny minifigures are more common than you might expect in the LEGO lineup. The LEGO Studios line gave us one inspired by the Nesquik bunny, while others have appeared as Easter promotional items. However, Lola Bunny certainly takes the (carrot) cake.

Lola benefits from intricate leg printing and a detailed, bespoke head element that captures her distinctive appearance. Her attire (and basketball accessory) are a nice nod to Space Jam, the movie in which she debuted. Lola can also be seen in Space Jam: A New Legacy, along with the rest of her Looney Tunes co-stars.

1 – 80032 Chang-‘e Moon Cake Factory

Drawing inspiration from Chinese literature, the Monkie Kid theme has proven a popular theme amongst LEGO fans. The latest batch of sets sees its character journey to the moon, where several characters appear to dwell.

While several different rabbits can be found in 80032 Chang-‘e Moon Cake Factory, the giant bunny-themed mech is definitely the best. It can accommodate a few different characters, fire stud-shoots to ward off enemies and – most importantly – reposition its ears as needed. Fans of the PS1 game Jumping Flash! – which features a robotic rabbit to pilot – may discover an affinity with this particular model.

If you’re interested in adding a new LEGO rabbit to your collection, 80032 Chang-‘e Moon Cake Factory (and several other rabbits) can be found on You may want to prioritise 40463 Easter Bunny: released last year for the Easter period, it’s likely to hop into the sunset before too long. This year’s version – 40523 Easter Rabbits Display – is temporarily out of stock, but should reappear before the year is out.

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