Five Sonic Mania zones that would make great LEGO sets

Sonic the Hedgehog is finally getting his own LEGO set, but with 30 years of the blue blur comes a lot of other zones that would make great LEGO sets.

LEGO Ideas recently announced that one of the nine upcoming sets would be based on Sonic Mania, with the original project including the Green Hill Zone level of the 2017 video game. However, Sonic Mania has plenty of other zones to choose from, should the LEGO Group decide for a more general Sonic Mania set.

With that in mind, here are five Sonic Mania zones that would work well as LEGO sets, in terms of design, display and potentially play.

Studiopolis Zone


Image: Sonic News Network

Studiopolis Zone was the first zone developed for the video game, so it only makes sense as the first on the list. The zone takes place in a colourful and brightly-lit skyscraper city with studios, snacks, movie equipment and more. By looks alone, this zone would make an excellent LEGO set with plenty of decorations and side builds to be had with the studio equipment scattered around. For display it could even have the ability to place your phone within the build, acting like on the giant TV screens located through the level.

Hydrocity Zone

Image: Sonic News Network

The water-filled Hydrocity zone depicts an underground system, decorated with etched designs and occasional canoe, perhaps a usual sight in the sewers of the Sonic world. The boat would almost certainly have to play a role in any LEGO set, perhaps on a track for sonic to ride across the water. Alternatively, a sound brick could be brought in to play every Sonic fan’s favourite theme, the drowning music. LEGO chains could be used to hang rings from a ceiling, bringing another kinetic element to the model.

Press Garden Zone

Image: Sonic News Network

The Press Garden Zone is an ancient ruin, industrialised by Doctor Eggman to be repurposed as a printing factory for his propaganda. A large ruin build be the focal point of the set with sloped edges for a minifigure to run up and down. The lanterns that can be seen in the above image could be a side build placed in the foreground, while at the rear of the temple, the printing factory could be seen, with crates scaffolding and perhaps even a play feature for Sonic to destroy it, bringing the ruin back to its natural state.

Titanic Monarch Zone

Image: Sonic News Network

This zone is the home to Doctor Eggman and the rest of the Hard-boiled heavies, a series of bosses that are fought over the course of the game. In fact, two of these bosses are included in the original Green Hill Zone LEGO Ideas project. Perhaps this potential build could finish off the set with the missing three characters in front of the stained glass window, as seen in the image above. This is the most striking part of the zone and would make an excellent centrepiece for display. Perhaps a few power-ups could be included as well to make the set a boss fight, rather than a depiction of the whole zone.

Mirage Saloon Zone

Image: Sonic News Network

Yes, this really is a Sonic level. The Mirage Saloon Zone is the eighth zone that can be experienced in the game and features a wide desert expanse, with a strangely familiar train. One of the more obvious parts of this level to recreate in a LEGO set would be the Doctor Eggman-themed train, piloted by the bad Doctor himself, wearing a conductors cap for good measure. On the side could be a build of Tails’ Tornado airplane to chase the railed-vehicle down. The LEGO Group has produced some unique trains before, including a Monster Fighters Ghost train, but this would definitely be one of the more unique models amongst them.

At the end of the day, it seems likely that the iconic Green Hill Zone will be the first choice for the LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set, but hopefully one day, at least one of the other Sonic Mania zones can be recognised in brick-built form. The Sonic the Hedgehog was chosen as part of the most recent round of the LEGO Ideas review, and the blue blur is celebrating his 30th anniversary this year, what a coincidence.

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