How a talented YouTuber’s LEGO Dark Worlds short went viral

Martin Willingham is the talented LEGO Worlds fan behind the recent LEGO Dark Souls Re-bricked video, that has gone viral on YouTube.

Known online as MythicMarty, he recently spoke to PC Games about bringing the video game Dark Souls to atmospheric life using LEGO Worlds. He took footage created in the brick based game, then used authentic sounds from Dark Souls and created a brick version of the user interface. He brought everything together in After Effects to present what has become a very popular digital brickfilm.

“… with Lego I’ve got the bricks and the game mechanics are already there. I can build much more easily,” he told the website, explaining why this project has been either than previous endeavours in modding.

It was the LEGO knight minifigure that inspired the idea of creating Dark Souls using LEGO Worlds. Once he began the project, it was not without its challenges. “LEGO isn’t great at going around bends, so you have to work out a way to interpret it for a blocky world. You’ve got these blocks, and they’re not as dynamic as having natural, flowing curves.”

Despite facing – and overcoming – those issues, he is not finished with the concept yet. “My ambition is to build as much of Lordran as I can, where you can stand at the Undead Burg and look down at Firelink, or in Undead Parish and look down at Undead Burg. There’s something cool when I’m standing up there as a Lego knight, and it looks just like Dark Souls.”


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