Internet culture earns a spot in LEGO Ideas review again

We’ve already seen a project inspired by the GameStop short squeeze on LEGO Ideas so this second submission in the latest review seems fine. 

Sneaking into the third 2022 review this morning is This Is Fine by legotruman, inspired by KC Green’s Gunshow comic titled On Fire. The comic has become a meme online since its debut in January 2013 used to refer to acceptance and self-denial in a less-than-ideal situation with a dog sitting calmly in a room full of flames. 

That’s about all you need to know for the source material of this LEGO Ideas project with legotruman capturing the artwork in the brick-built diorama with flames constructed sideways and movable furniture. 

In terms of complexity, it’s not quite as challenging as existing LEGO Ideas sets and the popularity of the meme is likely a contributing factor towards this project getting into the third 2022 review. 


It’s not the first time that a meme-inspired project has reached a LEGO Ideas review round as the GameStop Classic Shop features several references to the GameStop short squeeze event that occurred in early 2021, and that submission was ultimately not approved in the second 2021 review. 

Despite the reputation of meme projects on LEGO Ideas, This Is Fine still has a chance at a future set as the second project in the third 2022 review, joining the Ancient Roman Temple

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