John Lewis discounts LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Ship by 24%

The excellent LEGO Creator 3-in-1 set 31109 Pirate Ship is taking pride of place in the latest John Lewis LEGO discounts with a 24% reduction on its RRP. 

Usually costing £104.99 at full price, John Lewis has shaved £25 off the cost of 31109 Pirate Ship, meaning you can pick it up today for £79.99. Make sure you commandeer your copy at this great price in case stock runs out. 

Click here to buy 31109 Pirate Ship for £79.99.

Comprising 1,264 pieces, you can mould 31109 Pirate Ship into three different fantastic designs. As well as an archetypal pirate ship, you can also create a beach scene from Skull Island and prepare for some capers at Pirates’ Inn. 


The impressive ship measures 46cm long, 37cm tall and 19cm wide when built, and has moving sails, cannons and a cabin with opening roof and sides. It also comes with three minifigures and a buildable shark and parrot, while also giving you the opportunity to tell your favourite pirate jokes. 

Why are pirates called pirates? Because they ARRRRE. 

What do pirates do on their day off? Treat themselves to some RRRR and RRRR. 

What’s a pirate’s favourite letter? You think it’d be the R, but it’s really the C. (Get it, the sea?) 

Okay, so maybe you didn’t come for the jokes. But you probably did come for the savings, more of which you can make on delivery costs with 31109 Pirate Ship. There’s free shipping on John Lewis orders over £50, giving you another reason to snap up this set – with little parlay required. 

Click through this link to buy 31109 Pirate Ship for £79.99.

We’re not sure how long John Lewis will have this set available at this price, or how long stock will be available for. So don’t dither around as if there’s a circling shark underneath a plank and take the plunge on 31109 Pirate Ship with a 24% discount today. 

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