Massive saving on hard-to-find 10255 Assembly Square in John Lewis LEGO sale

The latest John Lewis LEGO sale has given us a major discount on 10255 Assembly Square – one of the most expensive sets in the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection. 

Released back in 2017, 10255 Assembly Square celebrates the ten-year anniversary of the LEGO Group’s Modular Buildings. Today it sells for £259.00 – but John Lewis’ discount brings that down to a more reasonable £194.99 instead. That price represents a 25% saving on the RRP.

Click here to buy LEGO 10255 Assembly Square for £194.99.

Like all LEGO Modular Buildings 10255 Assembly Square offers a detailed, fully-enclosed street scene that can connect seamlessly to its fellows. It retains features such as tiled pavements and white street lamps, making it the perfect addition (or starting point) to any Modular Buildings collection. 


However, this set’s anniversary status gives it some unique details. It has a slightly larger footprint than any other set in the main Modular Buildings range, and it incorporates design traits from the buildings that came before it. The white and yellow canopy, for example, is a nod to a similar feature in 10182 Café Corner – the very first Modular Building to be released.

The ground floor of Assembly Square offers a coffee shop, a flower shop and a bakery – which come with features such as baked goods, cash registers and even a parrot. The larger space allows for a central water fountain outside, and exterior seating for coffee shop customers to enjoy.

The first floor features a music shop, a photography studio and a dentist’s office. The music shop offers a wide variety of musical instruments, while the photography studio includes an elaborate brick-built camera. Alarmingly, the dentist has a truncheon hidden in one drawer – suggesting his bedside manner leaves something to be desired.

The top floor features a ballet studio, a rooftop dining area and a small apartment. While sparsely decorated, the ballet studio does include both a piano and a working mirror. The apartment, meanwhile, is packed with references to older LEGO sets – including several Modular Buildings. There’s even a printed box for 10182 Café Corner, allowing the Modular Buildings range to come full circle. 

Nine minifigures (as well as a dog) are included to populate the buildings, with a baker, a dentist, a ballerina and a photographer amongst them. With impressive detail and a variety of different rooms to play in, this remains one of the best releases in the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection.

Click here to buy LEGO 10255 Assembly Square from John Lewis for £194.99.

Since LEGO Modular Buildings are difficult to find outside (and rarely discounted as a result) this is an excellent opportunity to save some money. Ordering from John Lewis will bag you free delivery, and you can be sure of excellent customer service from start to finish.

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