Just one LEGO Art set listed for January 2023 release

LEGO Art’s sporadic release schedule may be slowing the brakes come 2023, as only a single (and relatively cheap) set is currently listed for release next year.

Price comparison site brickmerge has published listings for dozens of 2023 sets, spanning themes including Avatar, NINJAGO, Technic and Star Wars. It’s only listed a single LEGO Art set for release in January, however, with the product number 31208. We don’t have much else to go on at this point, beyond the fact that it will apparently retail for €99.99 in Europe.

That’s less than a ‘standard’ LEGO Art set – which is to say, a 48×48 mosaic, like 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection – and could reflect a further move away from the theme’s basic template. We’ve already seen that in this summer’s 31207 Floral Art, which offers a cheaper mosaic in a smaller frame, and 31206 The Rolling Stones, which does away with angular borders altogether.

LEGO Art 31206 The Rolling Stones lifestyle 4 featured

It means 31208 is truly a blank canvas at this stage, but we’ll likely find out more about it in the months to come – if it exists at all. Brickmerge is typically pretty reliable, but nothing is truly confirmed until the LEGO Group weighs in officially.

Set namePriceRelease date
31208 TBC€99.99January 1, 2023

If this really is the only LEGO Art set lined up for the first half of 2023 (brickmerge’s listings for other themes run as far as May 2023), it would represent a reduced release schedule for the theme, but there’s nothing yet to say more sets won’t come further down the line. 

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