The LEGO 2022 advent calendars are apparently riddled with mistakes

LEGO fans all around the world are starting to crack open this year’s advent calendars – and are quickly finding that they’re riddled with errors.

The five seasonal sets released for 2022 – 75340 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, 76231 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar, 76404 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, 60352 LEGO City Advent Calendar and 41706 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar – follow a long tradition of annual advent calendars from the LEGO Group. But that’s not the only yuletide custom this year’s calendars are honouring.

From missing minifigures to duplicated mini-builds, LEGO advent calendars have historically been plagued by production issues, and it looks like 2022’s sets are no different. Over on reddit, fans are already reporting mismatches between the instructions and pieces behind specific doors, with no specific catch-all solution to the problem.

Some have opened up the back of their boxes, for instance, to discover that the tray containing 24 different polybags was simply orientated incorrectly within the outer packaging. All the promised builds and minifigures were still present, so hey presto, problem solved. But others have reported the rest of the calendar being correct: they’re just completely missing a minifigure.

Elsewhere, at least one fan has apparently received a duplicate minifigure behind today’s door of 75340 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, with a later door empty as a result. Production mistakes are a known quantity with LEGO – who among us hasn’t been missing a piece at one time or another? – but they never seem as concentrated to one particular set as with the advent calendars.

If you do encounter any similar mistakes in your own calendar(s), or have already, you can always contact LEGO Customer Services to rectify the issue. As already confirmed by users on reddit, the LEGO Group will be quick to send out replacements for any missing minifigures. (If you’re missing Star-Lord from the Marvel calendar, you’ll apparently get a temporary replacement hairpiece.)

Both 76231 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar and 76404 LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar are still available at (with 30% off!), but the rest of this year’s calendars are temporarily out of stock online. If you’re yet to pick up a festive LEGO set, you might have better luck finding the others through third-party retailers or in LEGO Stores.

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