LEGO 40424 Winter Snowball Fight review

It’s the ultimate minifigure snowball fight in LEGO 40424, with an attack slope, fortified wall and snowman – plus cookies and hot chocolate to warm up with afterwards.

— Set details —

Theme: Seasonal Set name: 40424 Winter Snowball Fight Release: Sep 1 (US)

Price: £TBC / $12.99 / €TBC Pieces: 149 Minifigures: 2

LEGO: Available now Amazon: LEGO exclusive

— Build —

For many fans, there’s a strong link between LEGO building and Christmas. Unwrapping LEGO sets on Christmas Day and then putting them together can be some very fond childhood memories that contribute to brick fanaticism staying into adulthood.

Today, that nostalgia is catered for through the many festive sets of different shapes and sizes. 40424 Winter Snowball Fight is on the smaller size, with a very affordable $12.99 price point.

LEGO 40424 Snowball Fight 2

Within that little box is the most extreme snowball fight the designers could dream up – while in the real world, children – or ‘adults’ – grab a ball of snow and hurl it, in this scenario the two child minifigures have come up with elaborate snowball fighting tactics. The boy has a sled, on which he has loaded his snowballs, and will slide down a hill on. Meanwhile, the girl has built a wall to hide behind and is catapulting her snowballs. It’s wonderfully daft and imaginative.

To round out the set there’s a snowman, which the LEGO Group tends to struggle with. This isn’t the best effort, with the scarf looking a bit awkward and the shaping feeling off. A moulded tree and dog are included too, as well as a table with mugs and cookies.

— Characters —

Both characters are wearing warm jackets, with the girl featuring a snug scarf and the bot sporting a furry hat. They are perfect additions to any winter scene. The dog also deserves a mention, as these white and grey huskies are always welcome.

— Price —

At $12.99, no-one can quibble really. Sets like these are solid value and give fans a nice little build to put together with some holiday music playing in the background.

— Pictures —

— Summary —

While this isn’t going to the ‘main’ build for Christmas – that would be 10275 Elf Club House – it’s become a tradition of the season to put together these smaller sets and have them displayed along with more traditional decorations. This is a fun little concept and is offers up a nice dose of winter cheer.

This product was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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