LEGO BrickHeadz 40274 Mr & Mrs Claus review

Will LEGO BrickHeadz 40274 Mr & Mrs Claus, the latest exclusive seasonal set, have fans feeling the Christmas magic?

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Twas not the night before Christmas, but it was still time to build LEGO BrickHeadz 40274 Mr & Mrs Claus. It is that time of year again, when LEGO fans start rummaging through their collections looking for Winter Village sets (which are always right at the bottom covered by a pile of others), planning snow covered themed MOCs and beginning to build LEGO baubles to decorate a Christmas tree. This year there is also the latest seasonal BrickHeadz set, 40274 Mr & Mrs Claus, to add even more festive cheer to any LEGO Christmas collection.

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In appearance, 40274 Mr & Mrs Claus seem to be heavily inspired by their minifigure counterparts found in 10245 Santa’s Workshop from the evergreen Winter Village subtheme. What is mildly disappointing is that the printed detailing from those minifigures hasn’t been replicated on their BrickHeadz counterparts, as it would have improved the appearance of both models.

Mrs Claus’s dress follows a slightly more unusual building method similar in style to the lavish ballgown of 41595 Belle. Curved 1×4 pieces make the skirt look quite round and billowing, whilst the use of white flower pieces adds some frilly detail. Her hair is quite different from other BrickHeadz models as half of it is covered by a bonnet. Made from 2x4x2 and 2×2 bowed plates it is simple in rendition but adds a touch of festivity, although the single green flower piece on top looks very out of place – is it supposed to be a holly leaf or mistletoe?

Completely the opposite, Mr Claus does not have any intriguing techniques, but being only the third BrickHeadz figure to have a beard and one of the only ones to have a hat, he’s not too monotonous to build. His bushy white beard is built separately then attached onto his face, and although overlapping 1×2 sloped tiles may not be the strongest connection it helps to differentiate the beard from the moustache. The minifigure sized sack looks ridiculously out of scale with a BrickHeadz figure – Father Christmas is not going to fit many presents in there.

Like all seasonal characters within this range, Mr & Mrs Claus come with dedicated stands. Both feature quick little side builds that add an extra dose of festiveness; a mug of cocoa and a candy-cane wreath give a homely-vibe to one, whilst the other is surrounded by presents and a snowy Christmas tree.

40274 Mr & Mrs Claus will instantly add a sprinkling of LEGO merriness wherever they are displayed, and all fans need now are nine BrickHeadz reindeer (one with a red nose) along with a matching sleigh…

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