Closer look at LEGO CITY’s new-for-2021 animals, including lions, elephants and more

From big cats to little monkeys, the new LEGO CITY sets are packed with exotic wildlife – so here’s a closer look at all the brand new animals included in 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp.

Imagine roaming the savannah in search of the big five, spending hours battling the heat to get a glimpse of Africa’s most amazing wildlife – only to see a tail disappearing into the bush. Thankfully, there’s a much easier way to take in those fearsome and awe-inspiring beasts: the new LEGO CITY animals.

The summer 2021 wave includes a whole safari of new animal moulds spread across all of the sets, but you’ll find the biggest quantity in 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp (recently reviewed here), which also has several exclusive animals. Join us for some LEGO anatomy study, Attenborough-style, as we go deep into the brick-built savannah for a closer look at these new creatures.


The lioness was actually introduced last year in 60267 Safari Off-Roader, and it’s likely to appear again, as with some spotted printing the mould could easily be turned into a leopard. 


Both the lion and lioness have hinged back legs so they can be posed rearing up, perfect for some The Lion King-style action. Their necks can also be raised up and down, helping to more realistically pose the big cats on the hunt. The male lion is unique to 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp, made to look like a rare white lion, which is caused by a genetic trait called leucism. 

Lion cubs

At only two studs long, these cubs are super-tiny and super-cute all at the same time. Although they’re not articulated, there is some nice printing detail including pink noses, and 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp is the only way to get the white lion cub. 


Possibly inspired by the curious vervet monkeys of south-eastern Africa, these new moulds are quite anatomically accurate, placing a lot of emphasis on the monkey’s long limbs. The distinctive dark facial mask of the vervet has also been printed on, while the reaching hand can grab any unsuspecting piece of fruit.


There have been quite a few different renditions of LEGO elephants, one of the craziest being an all-blue version from the Friends range. Taking a more realistic route, this brand new version has an articulated head, which is built on a ball joint, and a twistable trunk so the elephant can show some expression. If you’re after a matching calf, there’s one in 60302 Wildlife Rescue Operation


This is certainly the most unusual inclusion in 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp, based on the African bateleur eagle, which is distinctive for its red beak and crown of black feathers. With different printing it could easily be made to look like other species, so it’s highly likely to appear in other sets, especially as it is just the right size for swooping around.

No matter whether you love scaled, furry or feathered beasts, there’s a plastic rendition for every animal fan in this new wave – and as they’re spread over a range of LEGO CITY sets, there’s hopefully a product to suit every budget. If you want the most animal bang for your buck, though, make a beeline for 60307 Wildlife Rescue Camp.

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