The LEGO BrickLink Designer Program is dominated by retro themes

The first series for the permanent BrickLink Designer Program has debuted 375 designs, many of which correspond to retro LEGO themes. 

It’s no surprise that there is still demand for classic LEGO themes including Castle, Pirates, Classic Space and more. While there have been several promotional and purchasable products to appeal to nostalgic enthusiasts, it seems that it’s not quite enough. 

The first series of the new BrickLink Designer Program has a total of 375 projects that will be condensed into just five that will be available for crowdfunding. 

Out of the 375 projects, there are at least 70 that could fit in with Pirates, Castle, a Wild West theme or Classic Space. That’s approximately 19% of all designs, suggesting that there is still plenty of interest in these retro themes. 


That fraction of the total is nearly one-fifth of all models, dominating the first series of the new BrickLink Designer Program. 

We also found that another 50 projects were designed to connect with the existing Modular Buildings Collection and while that’s not quite as retro, it’s a similarly significant amount that suggests interest in more unofficial expansions to the range, similar to 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum

You can vote on the 375 projects using the emoji system from now until March 31, 2023. 

Featured image: Krackenator

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