LEGO Builder’s Journey will likely be best enjoyed on PC

PC gamers will be able to enjoy LEGO Builder’s Journey’s graphics in all their glory.

Even before its general release, the upcoming game from Light Brick Studio has been commended for its stunning graphics and the beautifully rendered LEGO bricks. Early videos and images of the game show off just how well raytracing and realistic lighting work in the narrative, brick-building game.

However, Nintendo Life states in their review that the best of the graphics likely won’t show up as well on the Switch as on the PC. Without an RTX graphics card, the impact of raytracing is largely lost.

Raytracing is a rendering technique that creates images by tracing the light patterns as pixels and recreates how light bounces off of objects realistically, with emphasis on the contrast between highlights and shadows. It’s put to good use LEGO Builder’s Journey as bricks stack up, throwing shadows across the miniature worlds.

For those who have more powerful graphics cards, more of the beauty in the game can be enjoyed. With so much attention spent on making beautifully-crafted LEGO bricks and aesthetic levels that walk you through the story, it’s definitely a game that’s best played with the best possible tech.

LEGO Builder’s Journey will be for sale on Steam and Nintendo Switch from June 22 for $19.99 / £17.99, or you can pre-order it right now here.

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