LEGO City 60160 Jungle Mobile Lab review

This key set in the LEGO City Jungle Explorers sub theme combines high-tech equipment with an unforgiving, natural setting

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Like many of the more action orientated City sub themes released in recent years, the Jungle range includes a mobile lab. With a complementary waterfall build, accessories and a few minifigures, it offers a mix of build and play opportunities. 60160 Jungle Mobile Lab is one of two sets that are positioned in the middle of the price range for the City range this year.

60260 full set

The actual Mobile Lab is the centre piece of this set and continues the theme of Flame Yellowish Orange vehicles that runs across the theme. It is a great looking vehicle, enhanced on the exterior by some wonderful design touches such as the spotlights, the choice of wheel arches, the bullbar and the use of crowbars on either side of the windscreen to protect it from the harsh environment.

The use of stickers is effective, especially those representing the storage containers on either side of the vehicle. The cabin has a removable roof and contains two seats to host the minifigures. The lab section has an opening side and roof which allows easy access for play. It includes some nice detailing inside, utilising stickers and two Trans Blue windows either side with rounded edges. The roof also includes a fixing for the red kayak which comes equipped with a paddle and a camera.

60160 Jungle Mobile Lab includes four minifigures, all of which are complimentary to the set and have wonderfully detailed, dual-printed torsos. The female explorer includes a bag and a Pearl Silver machete which add to the overall effect. The male explorer includes a  life jacket and a dark tan cap. The mechanic also sports a Dark Tan cap and a spanner accessory. Finally, the scientist includes a dual-printed head so you can choose between content and concerned expressions – this is my favourite minifigure of the set and includes a compass which is a fantastic new printed element.

Another highlight is the Venus flytrap plant, which includes a spider and a very nice snapping mechanism. I love this part of the set and I’m already trying to figure out how I could use these parts in my own builds.

The waterfall section offers a lot of playability as it includes a lurking crocodile which is on a neat sliding mechanism. Also incorporated into the waterfall is a swinging vine and a temple staircase to climb. At the top of the staircase the vegetation can be cleared to reveal a diamond which can be rushed off to the lab for analysis. My only criticism of this part of the build is the colour choice on the sliding mechanism pieces, which could have been chosen to blend in better.

In my mind, this is a fantastic set packed full of great minifigures, plenty of playability and a striking vehicle which looks fit for purpose. This set is one of the highlights of the theme, offering great value for money.

This set was provided for review by the LEGO Group.

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