Hot LEGO deal on 60321 Fire Brigade in John Lewis sale

John Lewis has included 60321 Fire Brigade in its latest round of LEGO CITY deals, allowing you make a major saving on an exciting LEGO CITY set.

Released earlier this year, 60321 Fire Brigade offers a thrilling urban scenario for LEGO fans to play out. The set typically retails for £89.99, but John Lewis is now selling it for £67.49. That represents a 25% discount on the RRP. 

Click here to buy LEGO 60321 Fire Brigade for £67.49.

While the LEGO Group has released a number of sets inspired by fire departments, this one is a particularly exciting example. The centrepiece of the set is an abandoned sardine factory which has caught fire; translucent orange flame elements can be positioned in each of the windows. There’s also a silo leaking special sauce, and a nearby cargo container with a flame that can burst out of it. 


Naturally, a fire engine is on hand to extinguish the blaze. It features a large, ladder-mounted water cannon which can spin and adjust its angle; firing the water allows you to put out the flames. It even comes with a trailer that fires water at ground level, and a car and a motorcycle to provide additional support.

To make play easier, the factory comes with a hidden mechanical feature. Twisting the sardine can on the roof pushes the flames back into place, allowing you to fight fires all over again.

Six firefighters, a child and a trio of cats are included with this set. They’re equipped with various pieces of firefighting gear, as well as a net to catch people trapped up high. In short, this is a fully-featured LEGO model that’s even more attractive at this lower price. 

Click here to buy LEGO 60321 Fire Brigade for £67.49.

Buying the set from John Lewis at this price will net you free delivery. You can also be sure of a quality customer service experience from start to finish. 

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