Bits N’ Bricks discusses the history of digital LEGO building

The history of LEGO building software and the replacement of Digital Designer with BrickLink Studio is the topic of Bits N’ Bricks’ latest episode.

Hosts Ethan Vincent and Brian Crecente are back with another episode of the official LEGO Games podcast, as the latest instalment delves beyond gaming and into brick-based software, exploring the history of BrickLink and Studio following the announcement of LEGO Digital Designer’s replacement.

Guests on the episode include Tormod Askildsen, Tim Courtney, Tue Jakobsen, Junam Kim, Servan Keondjian, and Eliska Jezkova as they share their experiences with the various software that lead to the creation and evolution of digital brick building programs.

“I think it would have been really great if the user and the LEGO fan, both the children and the teen fans and the advanced adult fans, could have been a bit more centred in the latter stages of the development of LDD, to be quite honest.” shared Tim Courtney, who was involved in the LDraw website.


“I applaud BrickLink for making a really wonderful, usable, and advanced tool, but at the same time they were also starting from a point where there was a user base and some proven use cases and a deep understanding of who their users were and what they needed, and I think that that’s what really helped make them successful.”

The LEGO Digital Designer website has now shut down as of January 31, 2022, and the software is no longer available to download as the page now redirects to the BrickLink website’s Studio section.

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