LEGO explains why the new Darksaber element is just a blade

The LEGO Star Wars design team has explained its approach to its new Darksaber, which pairs a specialised blade with the standard lightsaber hilt.

Arriving in the newly-revealed 75361 Spider Tank, the new blade replaces the standard black bar used in 75325 The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter. And in doing so, it fulfils a longstanding request from the LEGO Star Wars community for a moulded Darksaber, the legendary weapon wielded by the ruler of Mandalore.

But in true LEGO Star Wars fashion, not everyone is satisfied with the new piece. Some corners of the internet (hello, Instagram) have criticised the lack of a new hilt that better reflects the unique design of the Darksaber – a choice that the designers have now explained was on the cards ‘from the beginning’.

LEGO Star Wars 75361 Spider Tank

“Since the Darksaber is a weapon that can be turned on and off like a standard lightsaber, we from the beginning thought that the best way to replicate it in LEGO minifigure form was to use the LEGO Star Wars lightsaber hilt and a separate blade,” the team told Brickset. “It is not a set rule by default, but again it just works well here, because kids can ‘turn it off’ by removing the blade.”

A specific hilt mould wouldn’t exactly be brand new territory for the LEGO Group – both Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress have received dedicated curved sabers over the years – but it’s been a while since the theme deviated from its standard lightsaber hilt. It would also have required a second new mould alongside the blade, which may have been a bridge too far for the Star Wars team.

If the Darksaber ever does get an upgrade, though, a separate hilt at least sounds more likely than an all-in-one element that can’t be switched off. For now, you’ll be able to get your hands on the first dedicated LEGO Star Wars Darksaber in 75361 Spider Tank on August 1. The 526-piece set is available to pre-order now at in the UK, US and Europe.

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