LEGO for Adults 10297 Boutique Hotel gets transformative trailer

The next LEGO modular building has been revealed and has even received a brick-built trailer filled with almost as many references as the set itself.

LEGO for Adults 10297 Boutique Hotel celebrates 15 years of the Modular Buildings Collection by calling back to the previous entries in the range from the first – 10182 Café Corner – to the last – 10278 Police Station – released builds. While you wait for 10297 Boutique Hotel to arrive on physical and digital shelves next year, the LEGO Group have released a trailer showcasing the journey of the Modular Buildings Collection so far on social media.

The video starts with the older modular hotel and progress through every one of the buildings that followed, lead by a minifigure progressing through the brick-built street and meeting the many characters that have been featured in the subtheme for the past 15 years.

While you’ll be able to spot the sets in the background as well as the minifigures that are featured in each, the trailer also showcases another kind of evolution that the Modular Buildings Collection has undergone.

When the briefcase-carrying minifigure arrives at 10260 Downtown Diner, the simple smile on his face transform to include facial hair, matching the minifigures in the background and reflecting the fact that the Modular Buildings Collection has done away with the simple smiles.

For more on LEGO for Adults 10297 Boutique Hotel, we’ve got an in-depth review to read as well as a guide to the references housed within the model. Alternatively, you can see how it stacks up against the five other biggest modular buildings to date.

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