LEGO Harry Potter 30628 Monster Book of Monsters may not be coming to the UK

LEGO Harry Potter 30628 Monster Book of Monsters may never make it to UK shores.

Brick Fanatics has been told that the promo set won’t be coming to UK LEGO Stores – not now, not ever. That’s bad news for Harry Potter completists, particularly given the 320-piece model includes some exclusive stickers.

30628 Monster Book of Monsters is currently available for free at EU LEGO Stores with a spend of €75. It’s also previously turned up as a gift-with-purchase at Barnes and Noble in the USA. But according to our sources, UK shoppers will never be able to get their hands on the set at LEGO Stores.

If it’s any consolation, the building instructions are available online. And none of the parts are exclusive, including the accompanying Draco Malfoy minifigure. Technically, then, you can assemble it using your own collection. You’ll just need to print your own sticker sheet for the eyes and title.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the set will never come to, either. But it’s incredibly rare that a LEGO promo is available solely online – if anything, it’s usually the other way around, with certain offers available only in-store. If 30628 Monster Book of Monsters isn’t coming to LEGO Stores, it’s doubtful (at least based on historical trends) that it will arrive in the UK at all.

In other LEGO Harry Potter news, the LEGO Group recently unveiled its brand new Hogwarts Moments collection for 2021. You can catch a first glimpse of those four classroom-based models here.

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