LEGO has a history with brick-built brachiosaurus amid Jurassic Park listings

Listings for a collection of LEGO Jurassic Park 30th anniversary sets suggest that the biggest dinosaur yet is on the way, but it’s been built before. 

As listed online earlier this month on an online retailer, 76960 Brachiosaurus Encounter is stated to feature an articulated brachiosaurus measuring more than 24cm with the entire listed set featuring 512 pieces for $79.99.  

Based on the potential piece count proportionate to the price and LEGO Jurassic Park’s history with specialised pieces for dinosaurs, it seems plausible that this could be a massive brachiosaurus using a few huge bricks. 

While it might not be quite as large, this concept was first approached in the LEGO Jurassic World video game, as seen in the below gameplay from Throneful. 

The digital dinosaur has a six-stud by 12-stud area on the back where bricks could theoretically be placed, though there was no such functionality in the game. It might offer an idea of what to expect in the listed model, though possibly not quite this big. 

LEGO Jurassic World video game throneful gameplay brachiosaurus

Image: Throneful

Looking further back in the LEGO Group’s history, 6719 Brachiosaurus included a large model of the dinosaur using a combination of standard and specialised pieces. This could be another way to approach such a huge dinosaur outside a video game where some physical limitations don’t apply. 

6719 1

The LEGO Group has yet to officially announce these sets though the listings suggest a launch window of June 2023. Here’s everything that was listed for them on the French online retailer Jouéclub. 

Every LEGO Jurassic Park set rumoured for 2023 

LEGO set  Price  Pieces  Release date 
76957 Velociraptor Escape  $34.99  137  June 2023 
76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush  $19.99  211  June 2023 
76959 Triceratops Search  €49.99  281  June 2023 
76960 Brachiosaurus Encounter  $79.99  512  June 2023 
76961 Visitor Center: T. rex and Velociraptor Attack  $119.99  693  June 2023 

Featured image: Throneful

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