LEGO Hulkbuster shoppers have plenty of other options

With the new LEGO Hulkbuster presenting a litany of problems, LEGO fans may want to look elsewhere to get their LEGO mech fix.

The LEGO Marvel theme is still going strong after a decade or so of products, but 76210 Hulkbuster – an upcoming LEGO Marvel release – may test the convictions of even dedicated LEGO Marvel fans. Our recent review roundup identifies several issues with the set including inaccurate proportions, a fragile assembly and pointless functionality. All of these make the £474.99 / $549.99 / €549.99 price tag rather hard to swallow.

As such, you may want to look beyond this set if you’re after an impressive LEGO mech. Fortunately, LEGO and mechs go together like cheeseburgers and fries – so you’ve got plenty of options within and without the current LEGO lineup.

A trio of Iron Man-esque suits have released in 2021 alone, although you may find some of them a little difficult to track down this late in 2022. 76190 Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem is inspired by the very first MCU movie and is the most impressive, although it’s only available at in the US at the moment. Fortunately, it’s still available at other sellers in the UK – but we recommend acting fast if you want to add it to your collection.


NINJAGO is another reliable supplier of LEGO mechs, and there’s a pair of sterling examples in the theme at the moment. 71738 Zane’s Titan Mech Battle is inspired by older seasons of the NINJAGO TV show, but it’s stylish enough to attract non-NINJAGO fans – and even includes knees, which aren’t a given in LEGO mechs. 71775 Nya’s Samurai X MECH is a little more expensive, but it’s also considerably more colourful – and comes with a variety of minifigures to interact with.

If you want to stick to the Marvel universe (and a larger scale) 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition may be what you’re looking for. This set was retired in late 2019, so the secondary market is your best option. There’s just one UK seller offering a new copy of the set on BrickLink at the moment, for a cool £200. Of course, even with that price inflation, it’s a better deal – and a more satisfying building experience – than its 2022 equivalent.

With the LEGO Group’s own products providing a viable alternative, it seems that 76210 Hulkbuster may prove a tougher sell than expected. Of course, if you are still interested, you can purchase the set from from November 9. LEGO VIP members can purchase it from November 4 instead.

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