LEGO Ideas livestreaming set announcements now

Watch the LEGO Ideas team reveal the next LEGO Ideas set – or sets – in the Facebook stream embedded below.

It is time for the next LEGO Ideas set – or sets – to be announced, as results from the first review of 2019 are being confirmed live from the LEGO House, broadcast on Facebook. Watch the video below to find out the fan designs that will become official LEGO set releases, as revealed by LEGO Ideas Creative Lead Samuel Johnson and Engagement Manager Hasan Jensen.

First 2019 LEGO Ideas Review Reuslts

Join us to hear the latest LEGO Ideas Review Results live from the LEGO House! ??

Posted by LEGO Ideas on Thursday, 26 September 2019

Nine projects qualified for the review period by reaching 10,000 votes, with the Player Piano from the third 2018 review also still under condideration. The LEGO Ideas review team has been assessing each product idea from this list:

Museu Nacional – Rio de Janeiro by MaxakalisaurusTopai
Anatomini by Stephanix
The Office – NBC by theoffice_lego
The Pirate Bay by Bricky_Brick
Kakapo by FlancrestEnterprises
SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy 1:110 Scale by Albinolan, Whatsuptoday & Matthew Nolan
Addams Family Mansion Modular by afol777
123 Sesame Street by bulldoozer21
Machu Picchu by DDBDR
Playable LEGO Piano by Donny Chen

LEGO Ideas 2019 review one

Product ideas from the second 2019 review period that have succeeded will be announced early in 2020.

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