LEGO Kits For Small Business Owners

Very quiet news day but I did manage to see Batman vs Superman and it’s the best DC movie. I was never a fan of Bale as Batman, the critics like usual are clueless. Anyway one bit of news for UK business owners has been sent into us via a press blurb, although the models need some work. It certainly sounds and interesting concept, have a read: Radical New Way to Promote Business Sales Offered to UK SMEs
UK business owners are to be given a helping hand when selling their business with the launch of a service that provides potential buyers with Lego kits that resemble the floor plan of the business.
To help the hard working small business owners of the UK, Bizdaq is proud to announce that they’re launching the Build a Business Kit; a new way that people using the Bizdaq platform can promote their business sale. Through this they hope people will be able to generate more interest in their sale, bring more people in, and sell their businesses quicker.
Selling your business is personal, and they’ve created the Build a Business Kit with that in mind. Whether you’re running a local fish and chip shop, a high-end hairdressers or even a multi-storey gym, the Build a Business Kit allows you to market your business sale in an innovative yet relatable fashion.
A common issue in business sales, very much like house sales, is that cameras can distort the scene in front of them – light rooms become dark, wide spaces look cramped, rooms appear bigger than they really are – and the Build a Business Kit aims to stop this completely. As long as a buyer sticks to the plan in front of them, they will have an exact scale replica of the business they’re interested in buying.
The kit not only helps potential buyers to get an idea of the dimensions of your business, but it helps your business to stand out from others. A potential buyer might be looking at several different businesses at any one time, but having a scale model of yours will really help you and your business stand out from the rest.


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