LEGO Marvel life-sized Mjolnir model rumoured for 2022

A life-sized recreation of Mjolnir, the iconic hammer belonging to and wielded by Marvel’s Thor, is now rumoured for a 2022 18+ LEGO set.

Following the release of 76191 Infinity Gauntlet in 2021, another LEGO Marvel prop model may be on the way next year according to a new report from Instagram user greekbricks, who suggests that the mentioned build sold well.

The possible success of 76191 Infinity Gauntlet could have prompted the LEGO Group to consider another 18+ LEGO Marvel creation, with the user noting that Mjolnir, the mythical hammer that can only be wielded by worthy warriors including Thor, may be next.

No other details are reported and the LEGO Group has only represented the hammer through a specialised piece that is included with almost every minifigure of Thor such as in the retiring 76169 Thor Mech Armour.


The design of Mjolnir might lend itself well to a brick-built model with the bulk of the weapon being mostly grey, representing the Uru that makes up the hammer. Though additional details could be added such as a design for the enchantment that Odin places upon Mjolnir or the triquetra.

No release date is mentioned for the rumoured set other than 2022, and remember to take the reported information with caution until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group.

Featured image: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

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