LEGO Marvel magazine gift recalls old superhero concept

The current LEGO Marvel magazine has a gift that recalls a concept from an older range of superhero sets, but with a twist. 

The latest issue of the LEGO Marvel magazine, which revealed the Doctor Strange minifigure due in the next issue, has a Black Panther minifigure riding a miniature version of the Royal Talon Fighter aircraft first seen in 76100 Royal Talon Fighter Attack

Image: worldsofclonerus

It’s an interesting idea for a LEGO build and one that suits the magazines well, offering a minifigure and a vehicle model to play with at once. However, it’s not new. 

First introduced in 2016 and lasting until 2018 with 18 sets, Mighty Micros featured minifigures and small vehicles for them to ride. Its minifigures are stylised with exaggerated cartoon features with short legs to boot, already offering one difference between this old range and the new magazine gift. 


Seeing the Mighty Micros concept with a normal Marvel minifigure based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it offers one way for the range to return after its last set five years ago, or at least a future take on magazine gifts that can keep them affordable and interesting. 

Featured image: worldsofclonerus

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