LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Venom minifigure is latest prize for VIP sweepstakes

A new LEGO VIP Sweepstakes has been announced with a San–Diego Comic–Con Marvel Venom minifigure up for grabs.

The LEGO VIP Sweepstakes has proven a good way for fans to get their hands on rare and exclusive minifigures, at the cost of a small number of VIP points. Past examples include the Stranger Things Barb minifigure.

Those wishing to get this figure for themselves will need to give up 50 of their VIP points for one entry, with a random winner being drawn at the end of the contest. The figure is kept in packing and stored in an acrylic display case as well being graded the highest “Gold” level by UKG, making it all the more desirable.

If you’re a little low on VIP points then the VIP homepage is currently offering a survey that gives 150 points as a reward. There is no word on how many entries fans can purchase but if the past sweepstakes are anything to go by, it may be around 15 entries. Currently, this sweepstakes can only be seen on the offers page of with no sign of a way to enter on the VIP rewards page.


The contest will hopefully open soon and will be closing on the February 21, so minifigure collectors will need to keep an eye out for when this limited–edition sweepstakes goes live, and ensure they are logged in as a VIP member if they aren’t already.

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