WATCH: LEGO Mechanical Flip Clock is a timeless LEGO Ideas project

An enterprising LEGO fan has created a mechanical flip clock from LEGO parts – and it might become an official LEGO product.

LEGO Ideas is hardly short of exciting concepts, but this latest one balances form and function very effectively. It uses a mix of LEGO and Technic elements to create a working flip clock, harking back to a bygone era of hardware design.

While LEGO-branded clocks have been around for a while, this one is a little ‘purer’ in its design, and much more intriguing. Check out our YouTube video for a quick look (or watch it on TikTok below if that’s more your speed). 

You can also subscribe to/follow each channel to get this kind of LEGO news as soon as possible. We’ll learn if the clock will become an official LEGO set in January 2023, so make sure to set your watch for the announcement – or check out the project page in preparation.



Mechanical Flip Clock is a timeless LEGO Ideas project

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YouTube video

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