LEGO Minecraft set listings include the Nether, an ice castle and more

LEGO Minecraft listings, potentially for summer 2022, have appeared online including part counts, prices and what appears to be preliminary names.

Retailer Wagner’s has added listings for six LEGO Minecraft sets to its storefront, giving us a look at what seems to be coming to the theme at some point in the future. This isn’t the first time that the theme has had this wave revealed prematurely as earlier listings gave us a look at the set numbers and prices.

However, the following listings now reveal potential preliminary names for them:

21184 tbd-Minecraft-Bakery – €22.99, 154 pieces
21185 tbd-Minecraft-Nether – €34.99, 300 pieces
21186 tbd-Minecraft-Ice-castle – €49.99, 499 pieces
21188 tbd-Minecraft-Llama – €129.99, 1,252 pieces
21189 Minecraft 1 – €29.99, 364 pieces
21190 Minecraft 2 – €49.99, 422 pieces


One build appears to be missing from the range according to previous listings, though we can at least look at most of what could be coming to LEGO Minecraft in the future. The highest-priced listing is 21188 tbd-Minecraft-Llama. This might be an oversized recreation of the creature in the game, which has already received a LEGO figure in 21167 The Trading Post.

The next two models after that in terms of price come in at €49.99 each, though there is one build from the previous listings that was then said to be $99.99. However, these have not been confirmed quite yet by the LEGO Group so they should be taken with appropriate caution until an official reveal.

For a quick reminder on every rumoured LEGO set for 2022 so far, feel free to check out our April guide by clicking here before an update next month.

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