LEGO Disney 40478 Mini Disney Castle includes a hidden Easter egg

Following in the footsteps of several recent sets,

features a surprise Easter egg tucked away in its interior.

You might be shocked to learn that the microscale castle has an interior at all, but it’s not a huge one: just a straight corridor through the centre of its base. However, it’s populated by two black microfigures (Mickey and Minnie Mouse, perhaps?), and a nod to both of the

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Group’s biggest Disney sets to date.

That’s through the printed 2×3 tile of

, which originally appeared in 2019’s , while on the other side of the walkway is a 1×2 tile printed with Cinderella’s glass slippers, first seen in this year’s .

There’s clearly something in the water at Billund at the moment, because

isn’t alone in hiding secrets for its builder to find: two other October 1 releases have employed the same tactic, including (through a hidden fifth level) and (to a lesser extent, through its detailed amp interior).

But where both those models allow for access to their respective Easter eggs or hidden aspects when finished, 40478 Mini Disney Castle locks them away beneath a build that’s not designed to be easily removable. It’s a shame, and really the only point of contention we found in our detailed review of the brand new Disney set.

Dive into that review here to find out whether 40478 Mini Disney Castle is otherwise worth your time (and

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budget). You’ll be able to pick it up from and in LEGO Stores from October 1.

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