LEGO minifigures Black Friday deals 2021

LEGO 71029 Collectible Minifigures Series 21 lifestyle resized featured

If you’re in the market for LEGO minifigures this Black Friday, here’s a full round-up of all the relevant deals we’re hoping to see.

Latest LEGO minifigures Black Friday deals

Some minifigure sets have been discounted on the American LEGO site.

40344 MF Set – Summer Celebration – was $12.99, now $10.39
40372 Police MF Accessory Set – was $12.99, now $10.39
40373 Fairground MF Accessory Set – was $12.99, now $10.39

The Series 1 Bandmates have also received a discount in the UK.

43101 Bandmates – was £3.99, now £3.19

LEGO minifigures Black Friday deals

Not every LEGO collector buys sets – some are just after the tiny plastic people that populate them. If you count yourself among those ranks, Black Friday could be the perfect opportunity to bolster your LEGO minifigure collection, whether through discounted sets – often the best way to acquire minifigures, even if you sell on or otherwise find a better use for the actual bricks – or deals on Collectible Minifigures, or even from third-party retailers.

LEGO Star Wars minifigures Black Friday deals

LEGO Star Wars The Mandalorian 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser minifigures resized featured

The LEGO Group is still resisting releasing a dedicated LEGO Star Wars Collectible Minifigures series, apparently because of contractual issues, which means you’ll generally have to turn to sets if you want brand new LEGO Star Wars minifigures. We have had some cracking minifigures at cheaper price points over the past couple of years, though, and Black Friday could see the price of those sets come down even further – offering another option for bulking out your LEGO Star Wars minifigure collection.

For instance, we’d love to see deals on any of the newly-released The Mandalorian or The Clone Wars sets, such as 75310 Duel on Mandalore – which offers a great way to get your hands on two very cool Maul and Ahsoka minifigures – or 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser, which is currently the only way to bag Moff Gideon, Fennec Shand and a Dark Trooper.

LEGO custom minifigures Black Friday deals

If it’s custom LEGO minifigures you’re after, there are plenty of third-party manufacturers ready to fill any gaps in your collection, including Citizen Brick, Eclipse Grafx,, Fab Bricks, Clone Army Customs, Bricksanity and more. All of these will hopefully have great Black Friday deals lined up across custom LEGO minifigures, accessories, personalised elements and more.

LEGO Harry Potter minifigures Black Friday deals

LEGO Harry Potter 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors Edition minifigure display 5

2021 has been a stellar year for LEGO Harry Potter minifigures, even without a new Collectible Minifigures series to draw on. The 20th anniversary range has brought us a total of nine golden LEGO Harry Potter minifigures, including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape, Professor Quirrell, Lord Voldemort and Rubeus Hagrid.

Those are all available across this summer’s sets, and you can find a complete guide to collecting them all here. Black Friday could be the perfect opportunity to grab the ones you’re missing, whether through discounts on their respective sets, or simply by adding those same sets to an order to qualify for this year’s gifts-with-purchase.

LEGO Series 21 minifigures Black Friday deals

This year’s only non-licensed series of Collectible Minifigures, 71029 Series 21, is still available at and in LEGO Stores in the UK and Europe, at £3.49 / €3.99 per blind bag.

With the launch of both 71030 Looney Tunes and 71031 Marvel Studios in the months since, it’s likely that the LEGO Group will try to shift its remaining supplies of 71029 Series 21 by the end of the year – and that means they could see a generous discount around Black Friday. (Indeed, some LEGO Stores have already marked them down by roughly a third.)

LEGO Marvel minifigures Black Friday deals

LEGO 71031 Marvel Studios Collectible Minifigures review title

LEGO Marvel’s friendly neighbourhood superheroes finally joined the Collectible Minifigures theme in 2021, with 71031 Marvel Studios drawing on the first four Marvel Cinematic Universe shows to arrive on Disney+: WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and What If…?

Given they’ve only just arrived on shelves, it feels unlikely that we’ll see a deep discount on those 12 characters for Black Friday, but you never know. And even if not, they’ll make for perfect basket fillers to take you above required spend thresholds for any gifts-with-purchase, while simultaneously growing your LEGO Marvel minifigure collection.

That’s not to forget about all the characters currently available as part of LEGO Marvel’s wider portfolio, either: 76178 Daily Bugle contains a whopping 25 of them, for example, including the first-ever Daredevil, Blade and Punisher minifigures. Grabbing that set with double VIP points (or simply to qualify for a gift-with-purchase) around Black Friday would be a great way to get your hands on some of the best LEGO Marvel minifigures to date.

LEGO Batman minifigures Black Friday deals

LEGO Batman 76240 Batmobile Tumbler review 61

The LEGO Batman theme isn’t quite as prolific as Marvel at the moment, but a focus on quality over quantity has given us plenty of desirable minifigures to hunt down in 2021. Black Friday could be the perfect opportunity to bag one of the best Batman minifigures to date, for example, in the retiring 76139 1989 Batmobile – which could potentially enjoy a deep discount before it leaves shelves for good.

76240 Batmobile Tumbler will also launch just in time for Black Friday, and includes two new (and very good) Batman and Joker minifigures from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Plus, it carries a price tag that should see it easily qualify for any prospective gifts-with-purchase.

If £209.99 / $229.99 / €229.99 is slightly beyond your reach, though, there’s also the smaller and more manageable 76239 Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown, which includes two more brilliant minifigures of Batman and Scarecrow from the Dark Knight trilogy. Finally, 40453 Batman vs. Harley Quinn and the Penguin offers a quick and cheap way to pick up three great LEGO Batman minifigures, and is also due to retire by the end of 2021.

LEGO minifigure display case Black Friday deals

Okay, so you’ve collected hundreds, or possibly thousands, of minifigures – but now what? Keeping them all stuffed in a drawer or box is no fun, so your best bet is to get them up on display where you can admire every facet of their detailed designs.

Third-party manufacturers such as iDisplayit offer plenty of options for doing so, including wall-mounted displays and desktop display cases, both of which will also provide the additional benefit of protecting your minifigures from dust and wandering hands. 

LEGO NINJAGO minifigures Black Friday deals

71741 LEGO NINJAGO city gardens gold wu

Also getting in on the anniversary minifigure game in 2021 is LEGO NINJAGO, which has spread golden versions of its ninja across several of this year’s NINJAGO Legacy sets. While we’ll hopefully see Black Friday discounts on the likes of 71735 Tournament of Elements and 71738 Zane’s Titan Mech Battle, we’re really holding out for some kind of tempting deal on 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens – which is not only the biggest NINJAGO set to date, but also the only one to include a golden Wu.

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