LEGO on C4 on Boxing Day

At recent fan events including SkaerBaek, Steam in Swindon and Bricks 2015 (NEC) there has been a film crew on hand to document more from behind the LEGO world, with the resulting production culminating in a new TV special this Christmas.  “Inside LEGO At Christmas” looks set to be another enjoyable and family-friendly peek behind the scenes, and will be shown at 8pm on Channel 4 on Boxing Day (26th December) and repeated the following Tuesday at 7pm.  Here’s the programme blurb from the C4 website;

“This documentary goes behind the scenes at LEGO as it prepares for Christmas; witnesses the construction of a spectacular LEGO train; and meets a family who build huge LEGO sculptures every December.”



  1. minifignick

    Great News There have been a few programmes with Lego in them recently on CH4 I saw somebody on Kristies Handmade Christmas the other night building a Winter Scene

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